Log Viewing Improvements in FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1

With the release of FileCatalyst Direct 2.8.1, there have been a number of improvments. Most of these are “under the hood,” but some are quite visible to the end user. As many of you have no doubt experienced; the log viewing capabilities of FileCatalyst Server/Admin were pretty rudimentary. I say “were” because they received a significant power up in 2.8.1!

Prior to FileCatalyst Server/Admin 2.8.1; the log viewing looked like this:

MFT trickier with monolithic logging
The “John” and “Jane” entries are hard to distinguish

Now imagine lines scrolling by quickly and I think you will agree that it would be nice to have a little help sorting it all out. That help comes in the form a search. When being presented with a lot of input; the first thing you want to do is limit all the noise.

After adding search functionality, I realized that not only searching for existing occurrences, but monitoring future occurrences would really come in handy. This led to an implementation that would perform an ongoing search of future log entries as well as those in the past.

The following screen shot features the new log viewer with three monitors; “john” (for observing a user), “jane” (for observing another user) and “Rate” (for observing transfer rates).

managing transfers with tabs
Troubleshooting connectivity from a particular IP should be a lot easier now!

Top it off with some nice new icons to clarify the roles of the new tabs, and the power-up is complete. It may seem like a minor upgrade to some, but if the log viewer is lacking, where else do you turn if there are problems if not the log viewer?

As always, we welcome your feedback. If there are more ways you see to power up the viewer, let us know; we consider each and every feature request and many of them make it into the product.