Cloudfirst specializes in large-scale, unstructured, active-archive and Software Defined Archive (SDA) solutions for Media and Entertainment. We actively assist clients with legacy digital archive migrations embracing various next-generation technologies spanning on-premise, hybrid and public multi-cloud deployments. Cloudfirst provides expert consulting services combined with a product called Rapid Migrate that addresses the challenge of efficient mass-migration of content from legacy on-premise archives while sustaining existing production operations. Our Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform is a next-generation, metadata-driven storage orchestration solution for end-to-end on-premise, hybrid and public cloud storage management, archive and preservation.

Cloudfirst Rapid Migrate is a SaaS-based solution which orchestrates massive-scale asset migrations from your legacy on-premise archive systems to your next-generation archive solution regardless of your specific objectives. It ensures the fastest and most efficient transition while ensuring your existing production workflows are not impacted. By allowing granular and elastic control over resources consumed during the migration process we will help you move to your next-generation digital archive while mitigating any risks along the way. We also leverage industry-leading WAN acceleration solutions from FileCatalyst for clients looking to lift-and-shift to the cloud. Our best-of-breed solution combined with our industry-leading professional services capabilities in massive-scale migration engagements can help you from inception through to completion regardless of complexity.