Evolphin Software was founded in 2007 with its flagship Zoom platform, which combines a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and Media Asset Management (MAM) system to streamline the creative workflows of companies working in broadcast video, print, graphic design, manufacturing, and more. Zoom leverages the first high-performance in-memory deduplication of content, allowing users to create, share, and collect insights, and provide rich media to their clients in the fastest way possible. Companies around the globe, covering the Advertising, Broadcasting, Media/Entertainment, Retail, and Healthcare industries, currently deploy Zoom.

The FileCatalyst | Evolphin partnership allows users to trigger FileCatalyst transfers to send high-res media either on demand or on ingest, keeping the high-res media in sync across multiple locations in sync. This functionality is an addition to Evolphin's powerful video proxy workflow, which allows remote video editors to work with media even if they don't have access to the full resolution versions. With FileCatalyst, they can now work with the full-res media from video shoots around the country (or world) in a much workflow that is easier to use and easier to manage.