NICE is a pioneer in technical and engineering cloud solutions, delivering products and services to hundreds of customers worldwide, including many Fortune 2000 customers in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Government, and Education markets.

NICE EnginFrame HPC portal is integrated with FileCatalyst to boost data transfer performance and parallelism, as well as simplify the user experience when dealing with large number of inter-related files, typical of engineering simulation needs, enabling seamless caching as well as automatic include file detection.

NICE EnginFrame is also integrated with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) to provide 3D application distribution within a public or private cloud. The two products enable engineers to perform everything needed for their HPC workflows, as well as any design work needed to prepare or post-process their models. When needed, collaboration is enabled by interactive session sharing, transferring pixels instead of data.