Quicklink implemented our file transfer technology some time ago, as an option for their impressive Store and Forward LNG offering, giving users the ability to send content to a central location at maximum available line speed.

As part of our continuing relationship, we will have access to one of their Merlin backpack encoders at our booth at the IBC show (7.H40), so be sure to stop by and check that out if you’re at the show. Exciting stuff, but that’s not what got me excited today. What got me excited is their new iOS App.

The LNG HD PRO App is the first app of its kind to allow realtime HD encoding and broadcasting. I can’t claim to be an expert, but when you think of the implications for capturing and broadcasting global events from ubiquitous iOS devices, you can see that this is a game changer. As the type of person who is constantly amazed at the speed of propagating global news through social media, I can only really begin to imagine how this will affect the immediacy of content delivered through professional outlets as well.

How does FileCatalyst fit into this? We’re not a realtime broadcast solution. Quicklink handles that aspect completely independently of us. But once the video has been captured to the iPhone or iPad, it can be sent using our FileCatalyst Upload app for iOS devices. You can send directly to a Quicklink Playout Server using standard or enhanced methods, meaning the recorded video will arrive more quickly and reliably than via FTP.

Both companies will be at IBC (FileCatalyst in booth 7.H40, Quicklink at 7.J16); if you happen to be there, stop by either (or better yet, both!) booth to find out more.