Since 2001, Aberdeen Broadcast Services has delivered programming content services to broadcast networks and stations globally, specializing in digital file delivery, captioning and language translation, subtitling and voice overs. Operating in an industry where the quick exchange of large media files is crucial, Aberdeen routinely receives full resolution video files from producers around the world for post-production. After processing and transcoding video files to the required station formats, Aberdeen digitally delivers the completed files to receiving stations, completing the workflow.


Originally using FTP to transfer files to and from clients, Aberdeen experienced many of the common pitfalls of FTP technology. Along with the slow delivery of video files, delivery failures and corrupt files were common occurrences when sharing files with external parties. Furthermore, Aberdeen found a steady growth in file sizes due to the increasing adoption of HD video formats among broadcasters, causing a substantial slow down with FTP-based file transfers. Adding to these challenges, the geographic dispersion of many of Aberdeen’s clients further slowed file transfers, making it time to change to a faster, more reliable alternative for file delivery.


To optimize Aberdeen’s file transfer workflow, FileCatalyst Direct was deployed to accelerate its core file transfers, as well as FileCatalyst Webmail to provide easy to use web access and email notifications. The installation provided Aberdeen with accelerated and reliable file transfer to recipients, requiring no software installation for Aberdeen customers. Email notifications were also enabled to inform Aberdeen and their clients when transcoded videos were delivered to the receiving stations. Lastly the FileCatalyst HotFolder application was installed to automate a portion of file deliveries, enabling Aberdeen to schedule selected transfers in advance.


FileCatalyst’s UDP-based file transfer technology quickly became a core facet of Aberdeen’s operations, eliminating all lengthy file transfers. Aberdeen immediately noticed increased reliability when delivering files and easily kept clients informed of file deliveries with automated alerts. Physical delivery of video tapes was almost completely eliminated as well. “We now like to say ‘We are faster than FedEx’” says Matthew Cook, President of Aberdeen, “Switching to FileCatalyst allowed us to quickly share files with our international clients in countries as far as Australia and Singapore.”

The set-up and configuration of FileCatalyst software into Aberdeen’s infrastructure was quick and non-disruptive, allowing the company to quickly provide a higher level of customer service when delivering client files. In regard to the software installation and post-sales support Matthew Cook had this to say, “FileCatalyst support is amazing. Their team works very closely with our engineers to solve problems and always goes the second mile in getting it right – a true partner.”