FileCatalyst Solution Papers

FileCatalyst & Evolphin

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FileCatalyst’s Integration with Evolphin Enables Fast File Transfer Capabilities from directly within Evolphon’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform Zoom Challenge In the media and broadcast space, content delivery has traditionally been a friction point that can lead to inefficiency and … Read More

FileCatalyst & Scale Logic

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Scale Logic Inc. is a value-added global distribution company focused on storage and networking infrastructures. We bring value to our partners by building a suite of products and services to help scale their business effectively and efficiently. Our sales and … Read More

FileCatalyst & Azure

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Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks. Moving data … Read More

FileCatalyst & Telestream Vantage

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Vantage interfaces with FileCatalyst via an optional Vantage FileCatalyst service and workflow delivery action. Using the Vantage FileCatalyst action within a Vantage workflow enables the automated delivery of media and associated files directly to the specified FileCatalyst servers. FileCatalyst is able to accelerate the movement of files in any Vantage workflow … Read More

FileCatalyst & Tektronix

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Aurora is the automated file-based QC tool you can rely on in your FileCatalyst® file transfer workflow to identify any visual, audio, or metadata issues after ingest and before distribution. The Tektronix focus on minimizing false positives and a high degree of correlation to … Read More

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