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A Complete Point-to-Point File Transfer Solution.

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FileCatalyst Direct at a Glance

  • Transfer files hundreds of times faster than FTP

  • 10 Gbps transfer speeds and beyond

  • Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption for secure file transfers

  • Transfer directly to private and public clouds

  • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart

  • SDK/API capabilities to integrate into your application

  • Web-based transfer and administration tools

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FileCatalyst Direct product video that describes in detail our point-to-point file transfer solution

FileCatalyst Direct Client Applications

FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that accelerates point-to-point file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Our client applications are designed to meet needs that are dependent on your specific workflow. By adding on one or multiple client applications, you can expect to see increased productivity within your workflows and an overall improvement in business efficiencies.   

FileCatalyst Direct Point-to-Point deployment that shows how are client applications are utilized.

FileCatalyst Server is a software only application that is deployed wherever files are centrally managed and handles file and user management, security, transfer acceleration (up to 10Gbps), and other features. Since a FileCatalyst Server is the heart of all FileCatalyst applications, FileCatalyst deployment can be expanded in any direction with perfect interoperability.

Schedule and automate your file transfers

  • Create transfer tasks to automatically execute at set intervals. Files are sent or received based on custom settings, be every 10 seconds or once a day
  • HotFolder allows you to set your bandwidth usage around a schedule, maximizing your bandwidth when you need it
  • Break jobs into subtasks with filters. Set inclusive or exclusive filters according to type, size or matched string
  • Create synchronization tasks that mirror and replicate large directories over the WAN for offsite disaster recovery backups

A simple 2-pane desktop transfer tool

  • Easily accelerate ad-hoc transfers on the fly
  • Get started immediately with the familiar two-pane interface
  • Simple “Click and Drag” functionality
  • A simple installer is provided for a painless deployment

Transfer files directly through a web browser to any email 

  • Leverage FileCatalyst from a browser
  • Send large files via email with Link
  • Download pre-selected files with a simple button

Send files as an email link

  • Simply send large email attachments at accelerated speeds
  • Send large email attachments from both local and remote storage
  • Simple download links make for a seamless experience
  • No heavy deployment required
  • Available in any browser

Quickly transfer files via your smartphone with FileCatalyst apps

  • Use the power of FileCatalyst acceleration on the field
  • Develop a custom solution with the mobile SDK
  • Available on iOS and Android

Easily update existing transfer scripts to enable FileCatalyst acceleration

  • Access the power of FileCatalyst in a command line
  • Leverage the extensive collection of flags and settings
  • Easily store and recall commands from a script
  • Execute scripts on-demand or as part of a larger action

Create custom file transfer solutions or integrate FileCatalyst into your existing system

FileCatalyst provides many options for integration into third party applications and workflows. Our SDK boasts a full range of components for a variety of development languages and environments, including Java, C++, .NET, and a full compliment of REST APIs.

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Deployment Scenarios for FileCatalyst Direct

Data Mirroring

FileCatalyst Data Mirroring deployment scenario that can be used for disaster recovery.

Leverage our file transfer acceleration technology for disaster recovery by using it to mirror your data. By having a redundant data set that is synced to the interval of your choosing, you are ready for anything that life throws at your organization.

Data Distribution

FileCatalyst data distribution scenario that show how you can deliver your content to any global location.

Deliver your content and assets to anywhere in the world at accelerated speeds. Whether you are distributing content to your team members and co-workers, sending large files to a partner, or distributing products and updates to end users, you can do it hundreds of times faster than the competition with FileCatalyst in your toolbox.

Key Features of FileCatalyst Direct