FileCatalyst Direct at a Glance

• Transfer files hundreds of times faster than FTP •
• 10 Gbps transfer speeds and beyond •
• Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption for secure file transfers •
• Transfer directly to private and public clouds •
• Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart •
• SDK/API capabilities to integrate into your application •
• Web-based transfer and administration tools •

Key Features Of FileCatalyst Direct

Keep Your Files Secure
  • Authenticate against enterprise directories and databases, ensuring secure file transfers everytime
  • Leverage AES encryption and send all communications over a secure SSL Channel
  • Use IP filters to restrict access based on IP address
  • Features including intrusion detection provide enhanced security
Guaranteed file delivery
  • Guarantee 100% integrity of every file you transfer
  • Every transferred file is verified byte by byte using an MD5 checksum
  • For dropped connections, MD5 checks are done on the partial files and then resumed with no data loss
  • Further reduce transfer time with lossless compression techniques that leverage GZIP and/or LZMA algorithms
  • Combine smaller files into larger compressed archives to reduce overhead, allowing for continuous transfers
Manage file revisions quickly
  • Incremental transfer features reduce the amount of transferred data
  • Send only the portions of a file that have changed for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce transfer sizes by 90%
Transfer growing files
  • Transfer files while they are still growing, or have long pauses in their growth
  • Transfer large archive files as they are being generated
  • Transfer files as they are being encoded
Transfer data into cloud storage
  • Integrate with major public clouds including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Swiftstack and Wasabi
  • Integrate with private clouds including Caringo and Cloudian
  • Directly leverage cloud provider APIs for a tight and easy integration  
Data Mirroring

Leverage our file transfer acceleration technology for disaster recovery by using it to mirror your data. By having a redundant data set that is synced to the interval of your choosing, you are ready for anything that life throws at your organization.

Data Distribution

Deliver your content and assets to anywhere in the world at accelerated speeds. Whether you are distributing content to your team members and co-workers, sending large files to a partner, or distributing products and updates to end users, you can do it hundreds of times faster than the competition with FileCatalyst in your toolbox.

Live Event Production

Live events can throw all sorts of situations at you: schedule changes, equipment failures, the list goes on. FileCatalyst can help you think less about network connectivity and more about the project at hand by accelerating all of your transfer speeds. We even allow you to send files that are growing, changing and being encoded, saving even more time and maximizing productivity.