An Enterprise Solution Without The Enterprise Cost.

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FileCatalyst Spaces Data Sheet

Download our FileCatalyst Spaces data sheet and get further details on how you can leverage the web for large file transfers.
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FileCatalyst Spaces at a Glance

  • Speed – Turn hours into minutes with our fast file transfer technology
  • Pay-As-You-Go – Low monthly cost with no contracts

  • Web-Based – Simply log in and use our “drag and drop” interface

  • Cost Savings – We provide an enterprise solution without enterprise costs

  • Collaboration – Use FileCatalyst Spaces as a shareable “online folder”

  • Visibility – Keep track of your transfers, and who has access to them

  • Scalable – FileCatalyst Spaces can grow with your business needs

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FileCatalyst Spaces product video that describes in detail our SaaS model file transfer solution.

FileCatalyst Spaces Use Cases

FileCatalyst Spaces workflow that illustrates how a sender sends files through a web portal, to a FileCatalyst server then to the recipient.

Send Large Files To Any Email

Forget about dreaded “bounced email” notifications with FileCatalyst Workflow. When used for distribution, FileCatalyst Workflow overcomes email file size limits by acting as a middleman in the file transfer process.  Files are sent to the FileCatalyst Server using our Emmy® award-winning file transfer acceleration technology, and the recipients simply receive an email with an accelerated download link.

FileCatalyst Spaces workflow that shows how files can be uploaded with metadata.


Upload File Through a Web Portal

FileCatalyst Spaces acts as a web portal where your clients can easily upload files. Create custom fields to collect any information (metadata) you need to process the job. Use these fields to collect information including quantities, sizes, special instructions – or any other information you may need.

Once collected, the files and metadata are combined into a “job.” Jobs may go through any number of phases pertaining to your workflow, which is tracked through the system until the job is completed.


FileCatalyst Spaces acts as your organization’s central storage location for one or more “web folders” – keeping all of your files organized and managed.


Your Central Storage Location

FileCatalyst Spaces acts as your organization’s central storage location for one or more “web folders” – keeping all of your files organized and managed. Users have remote access (via a web browser) to shared or personal files from anywhere in the world. Group folders, along with read/write permissions, can be assigned to any number of users.


With the ability to connect to popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob, and with full HotFolder automation, FileCatalyst Spaces provides the ideal platform to perform large scale cloud data migration.

Your Data Migration Solution

With the ability to connect to popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob, and with full HotFolder automation, FileCatalyst Spaces provides the ideal platform to perform large scale cloud data migration. FileCatalyst Spaces can handle file sets consisting of millions of files, with total sizes in TBs.

This image shows how a user can request files through a FileCatalyst Spaces server. Users to request files from anyone with an email address.

1. User Sends File Request link For Target Folder
2. File Request Email
3. File Upload To Targeted Folder
4. Confirmation Email with Link

Request Files To Any Web Folder

The Request Files workflow enables registered users to request files from anyone with an email address. When a request is received by a user, they click a link and are taken to an upload page. Files are uploaded to the folder chosen by the person who sent the file request.

FileCatalyst Spaces Deployment Options

Pure SaaS

(Bring Your Own Storage)

Combines FileCatalyst Spaces SaaS with the cloud storage of your choice. No other software is required, bring your own cloud storage credentials.

Hybrid SaaS

Combine FileCatalyst Spaces with an on-premise FileCatalyst Direct server for access to your on-premise storage.

Turn-Key SaaS

Turn-key SaaS with workflow management and storage provided by FileCatalyst.

FileCatalyst Tutorials & Support


FileCatalyst Spaces Support

Submit a trouble ticket via our support portal, and within 3 business days, one of our knowledgeable support engineers will respond to your questions.

Adds instant support via phone or chat and reduces the response time to your tickets to 4 business hours.

Key Features of FileCatalyst Spaces

Send and receive files with ease

  • Send large files via email link instead of attaching the large files
  • Protect the download links with a password, PIN or email authentication
  • View comprehensive delivery report (who downloaded the files and when)
  • Set link expiry or disable links already downloaded
  • Re-send links to other recipients
  • Set email address filters, limiting to what email addresses maybe used to receive files
  • Integrated address book with auto-complete
  • Receive large files from customers, via a public web based upload portal (no login required for others to send you files).
  • Create shareable web based folders for easy collaboration on large file sets.

Seamless end-user on-boarding

  • Works with any modern web browser
  • No browser plugin or client application required to transfer files
  • Works with most modern mobile devices
  • No software installation required
  • Works behind strict firewalls, only HTTP access required
  • Optional browser plugin with an in-line installer will provide: file transfer acceleration, offline transfers (web browser can be closed during transfers), ability to transfer hundreds of files with complex directory structures.

Flexible data storage

  • Lower your data transmission costs, by using your own on-premise FileCatalyst Server connected to local storage of your choice.
  • You have two options for licensing on-premise FileCatalyst Server:
  • Purchase a perpetual license for your on-premise FileCatalyst Server. (Prices start at $3000.00)
  • Sign up for a per-GB license at no upfront cost and send your first 50GB for free.
  • Bring your own Cloud Storage Account. FileCatalyst Spaces supports the following cloud storage vendors:
    • Amazon S3
    • Wasabi
    • Azure Blob
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Backblaze B2
  • Purchase Cloud Storage directly from FileCatalyst at $0.01 per GB (minimum $10 per month for 1TB)

Fully customizable user experience

  • Create custom upload forms to accommodate almost any large file transfer workflow
  • Modify look and feel using an advanced templating mechanism
  • Pre-configured forms for submission, collaboration and distribution workflows
  • Support for both user-based and public (no account required) submission and distribution
  • Deep customization options for: email templates, application language and custom headers/footers
  • Support multiple templates for different users, groups or workflows

Advanced security features

  • All file transfers use use HTTPS for basic transfers, and AES for accelerated UDP transfers
  • Multiple administrative access levels
  • IP filters allow black/white listing of specific IP addresses
  • Group-based permissions
  • 2-factor authentication for downloading email links
  • Multiple user access levels

Administrative options

  • Manage users and transactions via a secure and easy to use administrative interface, with multiple admin level accounts
  • Review transaction history and data usage via a clear and easy to use dashboard or via file transfer reports
  • Full control over storage targets, email notifications and content filtering
  • Transfer files quickly and securely to your cloud storage vendor either via the web, an automated HotFolder or via APIs

File transfer automation

  • Create transfer tasks to automatically execute at set intervals. Files are sent or received based on custom settings, be every 10 seconds or once a day
  • HotFolder allows you to set your bandwidth usage around a schedule, maximizing your bandwidth when you need it
  • Break jobs into subtasks with filters. Set inclusive or exclusive filters according to type, size or matched string
  • Create synchronization tasks that mirror and replicate large directories over the WAN for offsite disaster recovery backups

File transfer acceleration

  • Award Winning UDP based File Transfer acceleration
  • Transfer files hundreds of times faster than HTTP
  • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart
  • Fine grained control bandwidth
  • No file size limits


  • Perform common system management tasks via REST
  • Transfer files to/from FileCatalyst Spaces using: Java, C++, CLI