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FileCatalyst Workflow at a Glance

  • Web portal for sharing, submission & distribution

  • Online file sharing and collaboration

  • Automated archiving and file deletion

  • Customizable metadata fields

  • Guaranteed delivery with checkpoint restart

  • Flexible authentication: LDAP/AD, SSO, Multi-Factor, or built-in

  • Automated job submission via FileCatalyst HotFolder

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FileCatalyst Workflow product video that describes in detail our browser based file transfer solution.

FileCatalyst Workflow Use Cases

FileCatalyst workflow that shows how you can send large files to any email address.

Send Large Files To Any Email

Forget about dreaded “bounced email” notifications with FileCatalyst Workflow. When used for distribution, FileCatalyst Workflow overcomes email file size limits by acting as a middleman in the file transfer process.  Files are sent to the FileCatalyst Server using our Emmy® award-winning file transfer acceleration technology, and the recipients simply receive an email with an accelerated download link.

FileCatalyst workflow that shows how you submit large files through a web portal.


Submit Large Files Through a Web Portal

FileCatalyst Workflow acts as a web portal where your clients can easily upload files. Create custom fields to collect any information (metadata) you need to process the job. Use these fields to collect information including quantities, sizes, special instructions – or any other information you may need.

Once collected, the files and metadata are combined into a “job.” Jobs may go through any number of phases pertaining to your workflow, which is tracked through the system until the job is completed.


FileCatalyst workflow that shows how FileCatalyst Workflow acts as your organization’s central storage location for one or more web folders.


Your Central Storage Location

FileCatalyst Workflow acts as your organization’s central storage location for one or more “web folders” – keeping all of your files organized and managed. Users have remote access (via a web browser) to shared or personal files from anywhere in the world.

With FileCatalyst Workflow, organizations have the ability to both upload and download files, as well as assign sharing privileges to files on an individual account or group level. Group folders, along with read/write permissions, can be assigned to any number of users.


FileCatalyst Workflow that show how you can request file from anyone with an email address.

1. User Sends File Request link For Target Folder
2. File Request Email
3. File Upload To Targeted Folder
4. Confirmation Email with Link


Access Web Folder Anywhere

The Request Files workflow enables registered users to request files from anyone with an email address. When a request is received by a user, they click a link and are taken to an upload page. Files are uploaded to the folder chosen by the person who sent the file request.

Key Features of FileCatalyst Workflow