What is FileCatalyst Spaces?

FileCatalyst Spaces is a fully managed and hosted service that allows companies to share files at full line speeds using our patented fast file transfer technology. Being a SaaS product, FileCatalyst Spaces is truly an enterprise solution without the enterprise costs.

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“Our team has reliably used FileCatalyst Workflow for transferring biomedical research data for over 4 years now. The tool has contributed greatly to the advancement of science by aiding in the collection and secure transfer of literally thousands of patients records from hospitals as far away as India and Egypt. The unique features of FileCatalyst Workflow allowed us to move data from internet-restrictive countries such as Qatar and China without issue.”


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Key Features of FileCatalyst Spaces

Lost File Prevention

FileCatalyst Workflow inserts files into your organizational workflow as soon as they are submitted. Upon submission the progress of each file is tracked from beginning to end.

Access Files from Anywhere

Use FileCatalyst Workflow as your organization’s central web-based storage location where files can be accessed, shared and configured in file areas through any web browser.

Distribute Large Files via Email

Send files of any size at accelerated speeds where recipients simply click the download link in the email to initiate the transfer.

Receive Large Files via Web Portals

Password protect submission portals or set up “anonymous” drop boxes for anyone.

Custom Templating System

Customize FileCatalyst Workflow to reflect your corporate look and feel with our easy to use templating system.

No End User Software Installation

With a web browser being the only requirement to use FileCatalyst Workflow, there isn’t a need to install any software for end users.

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