You will be contacted by a sales representative in the next 24 – 48 hours.  In the meantime, here is some extra information to help you get started right away.


Want to try FileCatalyst right now?

You can try FileCatalyst Direct immediately by using our Test Drive. FileCatalyst Test Drive is a self contained demo that illustrates the features and functionality of FileCatalyst Direct.

Follow the instructions at the following link to start testing right away

**Your free test drive account will expire after 48 hours, and you will be limited to 40GB of disk space.**

Pricing and Licensing Options

Perpetual License

• You own the license for life
• Starts at just $3,000 USD
• First year of support and maintenance included, optional thereafter
• Unmetered – no additional charges for data transferred
• License & Pricing based on your bandwidth and concurrency connection needs
• Client applications are licensed either by a-la-carte, or all inclusive model
• Unlimited distribution of Client applications at no additional cost

Talk to a sales rep about this option.  We will get you setup with a 15 day trial so you can make sure everything works the way you want before you move forward.

Perpetual License

• Pay as you go, starts at just $0.35 USD per GB transferred
• License never expires, no “per-seat” costs
• No Monthly fee
• Metered – you only pay for data transferred by the GB
• No bandwidth or concurrent connection limitations
• Access the entire suite of client applications
• Unlimited seats Unlimited distribution of Client applications
• Use the same license on multiple FileCatalyst Servers

To get started, sign up for an account at


Perpetual License

• Support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds
• BYOL (Bring Your Own License) and pay Per-hour options available
• Starts at just $1.75 USD per hour
• Integrated with cloud provider billing

To get started with FileCatalyst in the cloud and for full pricing information choose either

Amazon Marketplace

– or –

Azure Marketplace