Top 10 – security breaches related to file transfer in the recent months

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Two of the problems we address with our accelerated file transfer solutions are security (offering SSL and AES encryption, as well as safe authentication methods such as LDAPs) and of course speed. By addressing speed of delivery, we also allow companies that would formerly record data to media such as DVD to instead use digital delivery so that their data doesn’t get…. misplaced. Thinking about these two ills that we offer a cure for inspired me to dig into some recent breaches of security throughout the world. Some of these could have been avoided by using a secure file transfer solution… some were just plain old human error. All of them, a little shocking! Number One is current as of yesterday and is quite a doozy!

Without further adieu, my top ten security breaches related to file transfer:

10) New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts. For 8 days in May, an unsecured document was exposed on the agency’s FTP site on the state’s computer server.

9) Port of Seattle Six CDs missing from the ID Badging office at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

8) Lexmark International – The employee personal data was inadvertently exposed, it included Social Security numbers, dates of birth, along with names and addresses.

7) HM Revenue and Customs, UK sent two discs containing the entire child benefit database… and the discs got lost

6) Ubisoft Leaks New Game Information Via FTP

5) Dreamhost exposes thousands of FTP passwords:

4) 8,700 stolen FTP credentials found on the public Internet

3) Virgin Media collects customer banking details on CD, then loses it

2) Microsoft FTP Server Leak : a 1 GB database containing millions of names and mailing addresses was exposed to the public internet

And the number ONE recent security breach:

1) Sensitive information about Marine One, President Barack Obama’s helicopter, was leaked through file-sharing software

If you don’t want to see your company name on my top-ten list, then consider FileCatalyst for your next IT infrastructure project.