Firstly, we are going to dive into assessing your company's data migration needs.首先,我们将深入评估您公司的数据迁移需求。 Often this duty falls to an IT professional.通常,这项职责属于IT专业人员。 We want to provide you with the key factors to include in this assessment.我们希望为您提供包括在此评估中的关键因素。 We don't want your company to waste time or money if they don't need to.我们不希望您的公司不必要地浪费时间或金钱。 We will also provide recommendations for tools of a smaller scale because if you're reading this guide, chances are you still need an answer to a problem worth solving.我们还将为较小规模的工具提供建议,因为如果您正在阅读本指南,则可能仍然需要一个值得解决的问题的答案。

If your assessment has led you to the conclusion that your company requires a file transfer/data migration solution, we will guide you towards several different options.如果您的评估使您得出结论,即贵公司需要文件传输/数据迁移解决方案,那么我们将指导您采用几种不同的选择。 As an IT professional, you already know the pros and cons of certain solutions, but what you may not recognize is the underlying layers of certain benefits one solution has versus another.作为一名IT专业人员,您已经知道某些解决方案的利弊,但是您可能没有意识到的是,一种解决方案相对于另一种解决方案所具有的某些优势的底层。


Before we proceed to those portions of the guide, it's important to understand what a file transfer/data migration solution is.在继续阅读指南的这些部分之前,重要的是要了解什么是文件传输/数据迁移解决方案。 Typically, these types of solutions will take your exceedingly large files and / or data sets and move them across WAN to various locations at fast speeds.通常,这些类型的解决方案将处理您非常大的文件和/或数据集,并将它们跨WAN快速地移动到各个位置。 This allows you to transfer your files to/from remote locations, another office, the cloud, etc. This process is fast, reliable, secure and can provide you with the ability to track your transferred data.这使您可以将文件与远程位置,另一个办公室,云等之间传输文件。此过程快速,可靠,安全,并且可以为您提供跟踪已传输数据的功能。 

特别是 FileCatalyst解决方案,您将有能力解决基于TCP的传输速度缓慢且不可靠的问题(包括FTP,HTTP及其安全变体)。 As an IT professional you are privy to the challenges working with these outdated data migration tactics.作为一名IT专业人员,您不愿意使用这些过时的数据迁移策略来应对挑战。 Those methods are time-consuming and leave you vulnerable file transfer disruptions and potentially to data loss.这些方法很耗时,使您容易受到文件传输中断的影响,并有可能丢失数据。 You will soon have the knowledge of whether or not your company is ready to move onto brighter horizons.您很快就会知道您的公司是否已准备好进入更广阔的前景。 


There are several checkboxes you need to tick before confirming your need for a file transfer/data migration solution.在确认需要文件传输/数据迁移解决方案之前,需要勾选多个复选框。 Tally your points in the questionnaire below and receive your result.在下面的调查表中记录您的观点并收到您的结果。


尚未准备就绪(5-10分): If you scored this low on our analysis, there is a strong chance that a file transfer/data migration solution would not solve your current issues.如果您在我们的分析中得分较低,则文件传输/数据迁移解决方案很有可能无法解决您当前的问题。 You may want to investigate further to see if there is a different type of tool to improve your workflows.您可能需要进一步调查,看看是否有其他类型的工具可以改善您的工作流程。 

可能(11-20分):  试试我们基于UDP的免费文件传输解决方案 Files2U and see if it fits your needs.看看是否符合您的需求。 You can always upgrade at any point to FileCatalyst solutions if you find that your files are getting too large to transfer quickly.如果发现文件太大而无法快速传输,则随时可以随时升级到FileCatalyst解决方案。

最喜欢的(21分以上): 看来您需要 file transfer/data migration solution.文件传输/数据迁移解决方案。 Continue below to see options available to you.在下面继续,以查看可用的选项。 


The results are in and if you've made it this far in the analysis, then you must need a file transfer/data migration solution.结果已经存在,如果您已经在分析中做到了这一点,那么您必须需要一个文件传输/数据迁移解决方案。 Congratulations!恭喜你! Why?为什么? Because you are one step closer to solving a problem that your company has probably been debating for quite some time.因为您距离解决您的公司可能已经争论了很长时间的问题又近了一步。 


As an IT Professional one of your top priorities is to make sure your company is getting the bang for its buck.作为一名IT专业人员,您的首要任务之一就是确保您的公司物有所值。 There are many solutions out there that can take you for a ride, promising you human-to-human interaction and a simple installation process, but once they have you hooked on a costly contract, they will start to show their true colours, in the form of lack of support and complicated features.有许多解决方案可以带您一路顺风,承诺人与人之间的互动以及简单的安装过程,但是一旦您与昂贵的合同挂钩,它们就会开始展现出自己的本色。缺乏支持和功能复杂的形式。 Not only is this a potential roadblock when shopping around for a solution, but you have to also identify your company's preferences beforehand.这不仅是在寻找解决方案时的潜在障碍,而且还必须事先确定公司的偏好。 

Are you looking for a CAPEX or OPEX solution?您在寻找CAPEX或OPEX解决方案吗? Are you looking for an on-premise or SaaS solution?您在寻找本地还是SaaS解决方案? Are you looking for a web-based or a point-to-point solution?您在寻找基于Web的还是点对点的解决方案? Whichever you have decided upon, FileCatalyst UDP based technology was developed to assist you on the path to the fastest file transfer/data migrations possible.无论您决定采用哪种技术,都是基于FileCatalyst UDP的技术开发的,可帮助您迈向最快的文件传输/数据迁移。 To simplify some of our key products and to explain the benefits of specific types of solutions, you will find several brief descriptions below.为了简化我们的一些关键产品并解释特定类型解决方案的好处,您将在下面找到一些简短说明。

FileCatalyst Direct: 

FileCatalyst Direct是服务器和客户端应用程序的套件,可实现点对点加速的文件传输,速度最高可达10Gbps。 通过利用获得专利的基于UDP的文件传输技术,FileCatalyst克服了由网络延迟(例如延迟和数据包丢失)引起的文件传输缓慢的问题。 FileCatalyst Direct会将文件传输时间从数小时更改为数分钟,将数分钟更改为秒。 


FileCatalyst Workflow完全部署在您控制的计算机上,您可以选择是部署内部部署还是托管/云服务器。 You get the fastest possible access to on-premise storage and integration with on-premise LDAP/AD services.您可以最快地访问本地存储,并与本地LDAP / AD服务集成。

FileCatalyst Central: 

FileCatalyst Central是一个基于Web的监视工具,它用作查看和管理整个FileCatalyst Direct和FileCatalyst Workflow / Spaces部署的统一网关。 FileCatalyst Central允许您实时查看正在进行的传输,钻取交易历史记录和报告,查看系统健康状况(包括警报),远程配置节点以及启动文件传输。     


Now that you have a pretty clear picture of what your company needs, we want to help guide you towards the finish line.既然您对公司的需求有了清晰的了解,我们希望帮助您到达终点。 Of course there are many different companies offering data migration solutions, there is no denying this.当然,有许多不同的公司提供数据迁移解决方案,这是不可否认的。 But if you've done your research, which we know you did or you wouldn't be reading this post, you will have come across reliable resources that lead you towards FileCatalyst solutions.但是,如果您已经完成研究(我们知道您已经做过或者您不会读这篇文章),那么您将遇到可靠的资源,这些资源将带您走向FileCatalyst解决方案。

Let's continue this conversation with you one-on-one, match you up with the perfect fit for your data migration needs and get you started with a completely free trial.让我们与您进行一对一的对话,使之与您的数据迁移需求完全匹配,并让您开始完全免费的试用。 Don't miss out on any more opportunities to enhance your company's business and workflows.不要错过任何更多机会来增强公司的业务和工作流程。